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Tips for Choosing Animal Sacrifice

 Introduction The story of Abraham and his son Ismail order to slaughter, has become a tradition passed down through generations of Muslims. Abraham difficult to slaughter his own son, ignored his feelings for the sake of running and get closer to the Creator Allah. Abraham order by God to sacrifice Ismail through a dream. Abraham the gunda BRI finally told his dream to his wife.If indeed it is the command of Allah, then deliver it! Earnestness and sincerity of God commands Abraham to run, responded with a turn to the animal kurba Ismail. Finally Ismail also not be slain.Tenacity and patience Abraham gave the awareness that God has answers to all the commands that He has given us. Almighty God with all His perfection has a particular reason in each exam to humans. From the strength and determination of the Prophet Ibrahim. Muslims can draw three main core of the meaning of sacrifice. First, the meaning of sacrifice that is closer to Allah Almighty.Sacrifice means human eagerness to submit to the Creator. Like Abraham’s devotion most beloved son for sacrifice, is a form of surrender himself to God Almighty. Secondly, with human sacrifice taught to share with other believers who are less fortunate. such as that outlined above.God always has a reason to order human sacrifice. With the sacrifice Muslims less able to feel the beauty of Islam with their offerings. Third, the sacrifice of human sincerity tested, tested from the voracious greed and worldly favored. Sacrifice means giving what we love and we care about, in this case is a treasure we have, that is the way of sacrifice. So, why Muslims are encouraged to fast on the day before Eid al-Adha is on 9 dzulhijja? It is based on the family of Ibrahim that when order to slaughter Ismail can not eat, because grief will left by Ismail. Wife of Prophet Ibrahim mailing Ibrahim to eat before slaughter Ibrahim, however grief will lose his son Abraham refused to eat, then Prophet Ibrahim asked his wife to eat, she replied with the same answer. The same goes for Ismail to be slain, jual Sapi Kurban it does not have appetite to eat. This is the reason why people are encouraged to fast the day before the offering.

Animal sacrifices can only be from among  Bahiimatul Al An’aam  (certain farm animals), namely camels, cows or goats and should not be apart of it. Even a group of scholars nukil their ijma ‘(agreement) that sacrifices invalid unless the animals ( see  Saheeh Fiqh Sunnah , II / 369 and Al Wajiz  406) The evidence is the word of God, which means,  “And for every people We gave guidance qurban so that you remember the name of Allah over the sustenance bestowed on you in the form of farm animals (bahiimatul An’aam). ”  (QS. Al-Hajj: 34)
Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen said,  “Even if anyone who qurban with other animal species that are more expensive than on the type of animal, the Qurbani invalid. Suppose he prefers to qurban a horse for 10,000 real goat while it costs only 300 real then the Qurbani (the horse) is not valid … ”  (Syarhul Mumti ‘ , III / 409)
30 Jul

Business Opportunities Waffle Ala Hong Kong Offer Tempting profit

There is another offer  business opportunities  of partnership waffle-style Hong Kong from Mrs Waffle. Enough with the investment package of Rp 80 million, already partners can obtain booth, the initial raw material, and supplies effort. Mitra predicted to return on investment in less than one year when the turnover target was achieved.

Business opportunities

Food business in the form of Hong Kong style waffle is Waffle Maker Reviews still quite promising. The savory snacks have a shape that is not equal to the typical Belgian waffle was a popular first so make many people became curious to try it.

Moreover, today’s selection waffle flavors with a round shape – round is also increasingly diverse. Thus, interest in these foods is also growing. Seeing  a business opportunity is, Tjioe Liesar waffle too open a business in which he named Mrs. Waffles. Businessmen of Jakarta has been running the business since September 2014 and is shaded by PT Tough Way Foundation.

The man who is familiarly called Lee said that its first store located in Mall Alam Sutera, Tangerang. Because the response from consumers is good enough, then Lee decided to offer a partnership to start early 2015. Total outlets Mrs. Waffle today there are 11 scattered in Jakarta, Tangerang, Samarinda, Padang.


Of the total, three of which belong to the center while the rest are owned by the partners. For those of you who are interested in  business opportunities   , Lee offers investment package amounting to Rp 80 million with amenities such as booth size 3 mx 2 m, business equipment, the design of the room, staff uniforms, the initial raw material waffles and assorted spreads, employee training, and promotional materials.

The cooperation lasted forever. Lee also did not charge royalties. But raw materials and topping or topping shall be supplied by the center to keep the flavor of the product. Mrs Waffle offers eggwaffle with 10 choices of flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, mocha green tea to taste. Waffle is also available in a choice of 10 toppings or sprinkles.

In addition to waffle, these outlets also provides a menu with choices of ice cream flavors for additional menu. Sendiir eggwaffle price of about Rp 15 thousand per serving and Rp 30 thousand for ice cream per serving. Based on experience, Mrs. Waffles able to sell 60-200 eggwaffle servings each day with a turnover average – average Rp 2 million per day.

So in one month, the turnover obtained is about Rp 30 million to Rp 120 million.Turnover are after deducting operating costs, potential partners or labar net profit up 30 percent per month. With these estimates, the target turnover was not expected until year.

The advantages of  business opportunities  Mrs. Waffle lies in the quality of their raw materials. The raw materials do not use preservatives, making it safe for children – children. Eggwaffle also crispy on the outside and tender on the inside so it tasted delicious. One booth requires a minimum of 16 sq m of land with a minimum of 3 employees.

30 Jul


Fish oil and its benefits have been known to the public as a substance that can improve endurance and a variety of other uses. Prices of fish oil that is cheap enough turns inversely with extraordinary properties. In fish oil or commonly known as cod liver oil we get omega-3 fatty acids that contain health benefits for the body. Since the first oil content of these fish have been processed in various forms of supplements consumed by people for a variety of needs including omega 3 fats which is good for heart health and good for improving brain function. You can use fish oil as a supplement children’s intelligence is natural and does not cause side effects. The results of our abundant sea becomes a means of providing optimal fish that marine resources can be utilized effectively.

Health Benefits of Fish For Human Body

One use of fish oil is to overcome the heart becomes blocked . Heart health is closely related to aspects of other organs such as the increase in cholesterol levels that must be maintained, preventing inflammation that can occur in the heart, as well as the smooth circulation of blood. It will bring very nice benefit to the performance of the cardiac healthier and more stable. Fish oil is easily found in the market at an affordable price. When compared with other heart drugs drugs then it would be better if we choose fish oil to maintain a healthy heart and prevent clogging of the heart. Channel arteries that is at the heart requires a substance as a multi-vitamin to keep the channel more smoothly and omega-3 fatty acid content can meet these needs.

If we see so many benefits contained in fish oil, we will find all of the adequacy of nutrients and a source of minerals and vitamins will be helped with the consumption of fish oil. The content of omega 3 in fish oil also has benefits as an anti-inflammatory that will reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. Heart as an organ whose function is to pump blood require optimal cell performance that contributes to health of other organs. If the impaired cardiac function it will automatically have a negative impact on the health of other organs such as the cause disturbances in cholesterol. Unstable blood pressure and blood sugar levels are not normal. Therefore, it is important to maintain good cardiac function.

The many doctors recommend taking fish oil regularly at least twice a week in adequate portions. It is advisable to choose salmon or tuna fish oil which contains omega 3 which is quite high. In addition to good cardiac fish oil consumption is also very good to increase endurance, lower triglyceride levels and maintaining healthy skin and eyes. Besides, fish oil is also very effective in preventing the formation of plaque in blood vessels. Getting used to eating fish from an early age will make the heart healthier, both fish oil processed directly or in the form of supplements . Fish oil is more practical many on the market at a price which is quite affordable and appreciated by the public. Consumption of fish oil can be eaten directly or incorporated into a variety of snacks such as mixed into the multivitamin syrup for children or into a vegetable. The important thing we have to pay attention to the intake of vitamins that enter the body.

28 Jul

launch involving SOLAR ENERGY with regard to LIFE

As a great Solar Power Generation sewa kamera jogja
The continued development of technology developed from humans, ones source regarding solar energy can be utilized pertaining to solar power generation. your current source of an sun’s heat will be converted in to electrical energy from the media machines called solar panels. your current unique involving solar energy can be converted in to electrical energy This really is safe and sound along with friendly to the environment without having creating air pollution. Solar energy is actually called a good renewable energy with the sense This Just as prolonged Just as sunlight still there, next The item can still end up being used.12
As manager of any Solar System
The sun can be referred to help In the same way your center of your solar system, in addition to thus your current planet along with the satellite may evolve in order to include your current earth rotating Around the sun. That is considering that the sun gravitasu The stress That may pull up for the planet’s planets revolve Regarding the sun. in so subsequently formed your current solar technique which will be called your current Milky Way. see additionally launch regarding Nuclear Technology in a variety of Fields
As an Energy Source with regard to Plants
We undoubtedly never learn This plants with out sunlight are unable to live, except regarding certain crops. Sunlight taken from plants from the aim to be able to perpetuate life. your method associated with photosynthesis is usually a method for cooking foods inside plants in order to produce energy. ones process can be one involving them need sunlight. no matter whether your plant does not exist in earth, subsequently your man can die. This can be since the plants provide oxygen absorbed by humans, in addition to reduce pollution on the air.
Helping Drying Process
Natural drying system This can be obtained via nature is actually from the help involving sunlight. your current drying system will be taken humans Just as drying clothes for the sun by means of drying, dried anchovies, crackers, and assist for the manufacture of salt. and also sunlight in addition formed the cloud It comes through water vapor The idea can create natural rain event called your own rain.
Helps Bone Health
The introduction of the sun according for the medical world is actually competent to maintain bone health naturally. Good sunlight is at the morning between 7 and also 8:30. Therefore, all patients hospital postoperative recovery or perhaps usually are basking at the sun within the hour quantity above. as well as sunlight in addition plays a role within natural pain reliever and fat burning inside combination in exercise.

28 Jul

Tips on how to find the appropriate Ring Finger

The ring is usually a jewelry That is commonly worn cincin emas putih through women and men today. Women tend for you to Select a ring developed of rare metal along with studded in diamonds. intended for men, the ring developed various other than platinum are generally quite attractive opportunities including silver rings or titanium rings. and, the ring finger will be interesting views with proportional inside large fingers and skin color.22

Quoted through webpage Okezone, everyone features other proportions. and so requiring additional forms associated with ring finger with a certain balance That may be various other between each person. intended for example, a good ring associated with small yag more appropriate with regard to short fingers.

“Look proportions, no matter whether with regard to example a shorter finger was wearing the small ring. will probably likewise wear a ring which has a large stone but his band will be small. Whereas regardless of whether the prolonged fingers, That is greater not to work with stone as well as retains your own stylish flat ring, “said Audrey Akman, a good young designer.
Similarly, your color of any ring is additionally some other with regard to each person. Election Should always be tailored for the wearer’s skin color circumstances. some color ring current in which will be silver, gold, and rose gold. regarding extra nice rare metal color imposed in you that have a rather dark skin.

“If It am a great nice pale skin wearing silver color. But if the skin can be greater to use the little dark platinum color. while ones color of any rose rare metal color is usually warm, so That can be employed with regard to white or dark, “said Audrey.

28 Jul

The benefits of lime

How to make use of in order to overcome your current problem connected with skin for the face. Lemon much within use by you and also not lone The item It in addition can be built to complement your own dishes as well as can be taken as being a cleaner with regard to fat or perhaps odor That sticks in order to kitchen appliances. Bowls, plates, spoons in addition to sebaginnya22

the intro connected with lemon on the face

But you have to know, if with lime when i may take quite a few benefits connected with lime along with my partner and i can produce as a mask of any face Equally well. Based on existing research. Oranges contain vitamin C which is to be very high and is compared in different kinds regarding fruit pieces.

Benefits of your lemon itself very much
1. will whiten for the face
2. may also menghalluskan your current skin
3. Lifting most dead cells Making use of your skin
4. may cope within oily skin
5. will blemishes Utilizing your skin
6. may eliminate spots black spots Around the eye area
7. That will eliminate premature aging
8. That can tighten skin to the face
9. along with much more

So no matter whether a person have a complaint This In the same way presented above, You will apply your own identify associated with lime for the rest of any face, but if you can cause the mask first.

and it is a explanation regarding How to Build a mask
1. Insert of 1 orange juice merely taken, subsequently anyone split directly into two, subsequently a person rub rubbing lemon juice directly into your own skin during on the face in addition to at the neck, your current hands to the feet, after that a person squeeze quasi remas jerusnya as well as get water in addition to apply towards the entire face in order to habiis
2. immediately after anyone apply many your own lime am and then let stand pertaining to an moment and also until you apply lime previous until mongering
3. likewise bersihin your face in warm water then dry your current body with a dry towel
Then you do sleep primary progress your current same day regarding then day

26 Jul

Conscious statutes to Make Your Smartphone Battery Last Longer

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The making utilization of PDAs has accumulated that by a wide edge most by a wide edge of us are using each one of them the more these days. We call, use web, read news, do web shopping, book tickets, do web warming these days and use our PDAs for various purposes. The convenience and comfort is something that has made our lives liberally less requesting and load free. Of course, doing in like way specific things puts a vital strain on the batteries of our cell telephones. I will demonstrate two or three phases that you can figure out how to help your remote battery last more.

Charging battery a giant part of the time: The telephones we use have animal batteries with the objective that we don’t need to charge them again and again. In any case  harga infinix hot 3 max, differing individuals are in the slant for charging them routinely and this is something that must be avoided. By charging your battery a tremendous measure of times you are putting extra strain on the battery and this will just conflictingly impact the life and execution of the battery. It is sensible to charge your remote battery when it gets genuinely low. This will keep the battery sound and ensure that your remote does not like out of charge at standard breaks. Leaving your phone on charging overnight is in addition not a dominating than standard love and ought to be kept up a key division from however much as could be normal.

Using untouchable chargers: Many people have the fondness for using third gathering or shabby chargers to charge their PDAs. This is something that really harms the battery and your PDA an astonishing game-plan. There is no elucidation for fuming through 500 dollars on a phone and repulsing it for an unassuming battery. Most by a wide edge of the brands in like way backing that your phone must be chided for on an exceptionally essential level the supplied charger. These untouchable chargers can in like way make hurt your remote. So you ought to keep up a principal piece from this oversight and dependably denounce your phone for the alliance gave charger.

Switch off Data when not required: Data is something that by far a huge bit of us use on our cell telephones. In any case, it in addition uses a gigantic measure of battery and each one of the applications you have on your PDA in like way exhaust your remote battery. When you needn’t issue with data it is best to switch off data as it will help your battery last more. You in like manner may have some undesirable applications on your telephone that you may not use any more. It is impeccable to continue and uninstall them and it will correspondingly help in saving your phone battery.

26 Jul

How China Became A Smartphone Powerhouse

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The move from key part phones to PDAs in the late years can be credited to the worshiped players of electronic creators – Samsung and Apple. In spite of the way that the standard PDA, known as IBM Simon, was made some spot in the level of two decades back, regardless, the remote as we unmistakably am careful it was showed up in an all the more estimable structure years inevitably by the American tech goliath Apple and the South Korean creator Samsung. They managed the phone market for a long time close by other known affiliations like Sony, LG and Nokia. In any case, that was before the year the Chinese creatures entered the cellular telephone market. Today it is an absolutely particular circumstance as Chinese cell telephone producers have expected control over a urgent part of the pie  harga lava iris 510.

Chinese cellular telephone brand, Xiaomi, has starting late changed into the third most discernible mobile phone maker on the planet for quite a while before another Chinese brand Lenovo again got the spot. Xiaomi gives some genuinely insignificant exertion handsets with the most innovative and latest versatile specific stuffed inside.

Another wonder story is of the start-up OnePlus, which was molded by the ex-laborers of another Chinese affiliation: Oppo. OnePlus has seen an animal measure of accomplishment inside a brief time with its presentation PDA: OnePlus One. The contraption was dispatched a year earlier with the witticism: The Flagship Killer. With a 5.5 inch show up, a Snapdragon 801 Chipset, Adreno 330 GPU and a 13 Megapixel camera, it motivation driving reality fulfilled its adage. It was at first offered on an apparent reason which showed up, from each point, to be dull and staggering at first regardless it to some degree made the difficult to claim device a more pined for one. Quickly, the PDA is pushing like hot cakes in China and in like way in America, the UK and other Asian countries.

The pervasiveness of these brands can in like way be credited to the way that they have twisted up harbingers concerning change. Oppo is one such brand which was the first to put a turning camera on its N1 phone. The vital considered a rotatable camera in a remote was appeared around the same time “selfie” was named Oxford Dictionaries verbalization of the year. The swiveling camera of the N1 attracts shutterbugs to shoot both back and front pictures with the same 13 Megapixel camera.

26 Jul

Supportive Innovations in the World of Smartphone Cases

download (6)PDA cases that support strong lives and red hot families, there is a resolute need for progress. Fundamental obligation to inventiveness and imperative thought in setup and time are only the beginning. The cellular telephone industry is rising constantly in making markets, and near it certain creators of PDA ornamentation are giving inconceivability and quality. Insightful advancements enhance ergonomic technique, handle checked qualities, and welcome individual expression.

Getting readied for Delightful Lifestyles

To an unendingly augmenting degree, we wind up interfacing with the web while living area lifestyles, through PDAs and PDAs that we continue with each one of us the time. Fashioners today need to consider the fine inspirations driving interest and impacts of living in this eager moving world. Especially in the structure of remote cases, refined and adroit overhauls are being appeared by gifted people.

Actuating the Green Revolution

As per continuously in the present style frameworks for considering reducing human results for our surroundings and controlling general resources in our vicinity, certain producers are redesiging with greener headways in their party shapes. Examinations about the materials used as a touch of creation are vital if we are to guarantee our nearness for future times.

Trademark Elements of Smartphone Cases

Progress is interminably being made. At the bleeding edge are inventive affiliations that rely on upon subsequent to changing potential results into substances. Sensible change is possible through using urethanes for making PDA cases rather than various plastics. Made out of the four most focal parts on the planet, urethanes contain less unsafe substances and may be reused.

Remote Cases Define our Taste

Awe inspiring cellular telephones are being picked by satisfactorily seeing buyers for their particular qualities. PDA cases can immediately enhance a proprietor’s experience of their remote. Phones and their embellishments need to meet raised necessities of individual taste before ending up being a touch of our standard lives. Where once we settled on choices of strip convey dominatingly concerning mold outfits and fabulous occasions, we now in like course settle on choices checking eco-fulfilling creation rational soundness and verification a thing is true blue.

Securing and Serving our Families

Composed life can be hazardous to our phones. We go on them in pockets, travel packs, portfolios and an extraordinary part of the time just in one hand while we are finishing the procedure of something else. Telephone cases with awesome handle are rapidly principal in serving to check hurt that can happen at any moment. Pioneers in method enthusiastically overhaul, shaping for case a flabbergast attracting honeycomb plot in the urethane that decreases heat conduction and cushions impact general consistently.

24 Jul

The side effects of plastic surgery on health

After I discussed earlier about the way to live a healthy life . on this occasion we will discuss about the side effects of plastic surgery on health  – To get a more attractive appearance, gorgeous and body shape as you wish, already many people doing plastic surgery, especially the Eve and had become commonplace and often we see on television and even in our neighborhood who perform plastic surgery by sharing reasons.
The side effects of plastic surgery on health
The positive impact of plastic surgery can indeed make an appearance to better, more beautiful, sexy and certainly better than before, but behind the positive Patient Flow Summit impacts there are also side effects of plastic surgery,  besides spending a lot of costs which is the negative effect of the most obvious, there are still many Exchange negatives of plastic surgery.

The side effects of plastic surgery:

1. The side effects on physical health

Usually after surgery Frequent nausea, vomiting, headache, and numbness. did not rule the swelling of the part in the operation. This usually disappears by itself, but there is also a case for being more serious, giving rise to new problems.

2. Side effects of the Psychological

Surely you know what the impact on the psychological, and not all operations will work as expected. if the results are unsatisfactory and not as expected, of course, you would be embarrassed either to friends, couples, or people around.What’s worse, the possibility of plastic surgery addiction causes people to suffer because of the operation always dissatisfied with the existing ..

3. New problems and unexpected effects

The purpose of this unexpected effect can occur during surgery, and after surgery is done. Such as bleeding, blood clots, death of skin tissue, allergies, and also damage the nervous system. Even severe ones can be a rejection of implants placed and require further treatment, and at risk of disability due to surgery.
If indeed you want to do plastic surgery , everything should be considered prior to surgery. prepare mentally and all the preparation before the surgery that the doctor you give, but make no mistake natural was better, and average men prefer something pristine original alias.
Enough of my article about the  side effects of plastic surgery on the health of hopefully useful and be considered for you. also read my other article on  Tips Romantic fuck on the first night.  Thank you for visiting and warm greetings from me.