6 May

Cure with garlic and lemon to clean the arteries and reduce cholesterol

After a certain age, a large majority of people suffer from cardiovascular problems, and must quickly follow a treatment to cure their disease. However, before getting there, it is possible to prevent these health problems in a natural way, economic and without any side effects.

Find out in this article how can you help the lemon and garlic, two food-medicinal millennia used to cure multiple diseases due to their incredible properties.

The benefits of this cure

If you realize this treatment as we will present in this article, you will get the following benefits for your health :

Elimination of deposits of fat accumulated in the body.

Significant decrease of the bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase good cholesterol (HDL).

Reduced triglycerides in the blood.

Prevention of thrombus formation.

Decrease in blood pressure.

Improving the functioning of the liver and enhancing its function purifier.


Better circulation of blood.

Strengthening the immune system and increase natural defences.
Prevention of the occurrence of tumors.

Power antioxidant that helps renew and rejuvenate our cells.

For whom is it recommended ?

This cure purifier is recommended as a remedy for general health, or simply to clean the body once a year. But, it is especially effective to combat the following problems :

The overweight



Pulmonary disease


The cerebral thrombosis




Eye problems

Hearing problems



What do you need ?

To achieve this cure, for a person, you will need the following ingredients :

4 lemons
4 cloves of garlic

3 litres of boiling water
Try to use quality ingredients-organic, especially the lemon. The skin of the lemon is much richer than the pulp, but if it has been treated with pesticides and plant protection products, it will be more detrimental than beneficial for your health.

How to prepare this drink ?

Peel the garlic and cut the cloves in half.

Wash the two lemons and cut them into small pieces, without removing the skin.

Add lukewarm water, previously boiled, and mix well.

Divide this mixture into three small glass jars, that you achèverez fill with warm water.

Close hermetically and keep in your refrigerator for three days.

After this resting time, filter the contents of the three jars and put them in the refrigerator.

How to eat it ?

The first few days, drink one tablespoon half an hour before each of your three daily meals.
If your body reacts well, without any side effects, increase the dose to two tablespoons of the preparation half an hour before each of three meals of the day. Click here  obat alami diabetes/kencing manis

Increase the dose gradually until reaching a maximum of 50 ml, three times per day. That is to say a maximum total of 150 ml per day.

The treatment lasts 40 days and it can be done once per year.

It is recommended, before performing any treatment, natural or conventional, do so under the supervision of a medical doctor or a naturopathic specialist. Especially if you have health problems or if you are taking medication.

It is important to note that in each cure depurative, the symptoms seem to worsen in the first few days of treatment (phlegm, headache, etc). This is perfectly normal because our body is in the process of mobilize and eliminate toxins.


Other cures similar

Garlic and lemon are items widely used in the treatment depurant, and in addition to this treatment which we have come to speak to you, there are also other options that are more sweet, or complementary, that allow you to regularly consuming these foods.

The lemon can be consumed in several ways, throughout the day, to optimize its benefits such as its action alcalinisante, his power is laxative, its cleansing and its ability to help us to better assimilate the nutrients present in the food.

Garlic is also at the base of the very famous and ancient cure tibetan garlic, a recipe is similar, but, macerated in alcohol, in place of the lemon, and which is carried out every 5 years in the following doses strict, as we will explain in this article.

6 May

A cure of three days against gastric hyperacidity

People who suffer from an excess of acidity will know, this is a disorder very unpleasant, extremely painful and highly embarrassing.

As a general rule, it can be treated with the help of a good diet, but, in some people, attacks of hyperacidity can be difficult to relieve.

In this article, we will provide you with a cure of three days food-based medicinal excellent for your health, and extremely efficient to combat the excess acidity of the stomach, without any side effects.

Attention to the baking soda

One of the most frequently used remedies to combat the acidity of the stomach is without a doubt the baking soda, or pharmaceutical drugs, the effects of alkalizing the like.

However, this remedy should not be used on an ad hoc basis, because if it is consumed regularly, it could cause serious health problems.


Even if it suffers from an excess of acidity, the solution which is strongly alkaline-forming can, in the long term, alter the pH naturally acidic stomach, which is essential to properly digest food.

With time, the digestive process may be impaired, and the stomach would then be exposed to multiple diseases, including one of the most serious is the cancer.

Miraculous cures
Since we put you in guard against the abusive use of baking soda, and drugs produce the same effects, we will provide you with an alternative totally natural, without harmful effects to your digestive system.

This cure will not only soothe your gastric hyperacidity, but it will strengthen your entire digestive system to prevent the seizures of acidity.


A remedy ancient

The first step to making this treatment effective medicinal is to take each day and on an empty stomach, the juice of half a raw potato (about 50 ml) mixed with a tablespoon (15 ml) extra virgin olive oil.

This remedy ancient properties alcalinisantes and anti-inflammatories, which act quickly to désenflammer the stomach, and combat the acidity in the digestive tract.

This cure can be followed during 9 days. Then, take a break of several days, and if you still need, you can start over.

The potatoes must be well washed and peeled, and you need to be careful that it is not germinating, as your juice could become toxic.

Some stores dietary sell this juice already prepared, which may facilitate the monitoring of this step.
The four foods miraculous

We have selected four foods which, thanks to their medicinal properties, are very adequate to achieve a cure for hyperacidity, stomach, in just three days.
This therapy will help you to regulate the pH of your stomach to reduce the acidity, but also to improve your digestive function.

In addition, it will allow you to dépurer your entire body. We recommend that you perform this cure at least once per year.

What foods do you need ?


Cabbage : cabbage helps heal ulcers, but many people have trouble digesting it when they consume raw. Therefore, you can cook it with a pinch of cumin, to taste raw but soaked in dressing, or in the form of sauerkraut.

The carrot : it will help you to relieve your acidity and to normalize your pH. This way, you will be able to prevent potential gastric ulcers.
Apple : this fruit is excellent for health in general, and can be combined with any food, because it is a fruit neutral. The apple is excellent against any digestive disorder.

How to make your cure ?

During the three days that you will dedicate to this cure, you must avoid doing too much effort.

Consume on an empty stomach, the remedy cited above on the basis of juice of raw potato and olive oil, and eat over the course of the day, the 4 foods that we have to talk.

The potato, the cabbage, the carrot and apple can be cooked in different ways, so that the cure is more bearable, because you do not consume any other food.

You can cook them on the stove, steamed, baked, grated into a salad, or ingesting it in the form of juice.

On the fourth day, you will need to keep these products in your menu, but you can gradually add foods that are part of your usual diet.

The foods below are to be avoided in the first few days following the cure :

Milk and dairy products

Fried foods

Refined flours

The sugar


The coffee
Red meat and meat products

6 May

Cure depurative green tea, lemon and stevia


At least once per year, we need to help our body eliminate toxins accumulated because of an inadequate power supply, poor lifestyle habits, too much sedentary lifestyle, environmental pollution, negative emotions, etc

All of this affects our health, and we need to strengthen our natural channels of depuration.

In this article, we will present you the cure is simple and effective, based on three food medicinal, that are almost miraculous : lemon, green tea and stevia.

Why make a cure depurative ?

The toxins that accumulate in our body, and which are not disposed of quickly, are the cause of many chronic and degenerative diseases.

Our body is in charge of eliminating the toxic substances through the feces, urine, sweat, and impurities from the skin, respiration, menstruation, etc

However, the amount of toxins found in the body is sometimes too large, and the body comes to saturation, without being able to all eliminate.

Cures purifying, cleansing and diets detox allow us to make more efficient the elimination of these substances, and we feel much more healthy.


It is important to clarify that these cures are not made to lose weight, because it should be accompanied by a diet more specific to cause this effect.

However, they can help us to remove the few kilos that we have too much, if we do them once every two months.

The green tea

The green tea has important antioxidant properties, which help delay cellular ageing.

It also helps combat water retention, cleanse the skin of impurities and soothe the effects of allergies.

It is a food anti-cancer natural, and a lot of nutritionists recommend that people consume it on a regular basis.

Even if it reduces stress, it is important to take into account that the green tea may have a slightly exciting.

The lemon

This food medicinal and purifier par excellence, is a great purifying treatment for the body.

Although it is acidic, the lemon has effects alkaline-forming and can better digest and dissolve fats. It is ideal for treating cardiovascular disorders.



It does not contain any calories, reduces high blood pressure and strengthens the natural defenses of our body.

Its flavour is similar to liquorice, and with a few grams only, you can sweeten a whole dish.

Stevia may be sold in its refined form, which does not have the same medicinal benefits as those that we speak to you.

However, in contrast to white sugar and artificial sweeteners, it is not dangerous for the health.

How to make your cure ?

Prepare you, on a daily basis, an infusion of two litres of green tea.

To do this, use 5 bags or 5 tablespoons of green tea, that you will be completely immersed in two liters of water.

Do not let the water boil (leave it up to 80 degrees only), and infuse the tea for around 4 minutes.

Then, remove the tea and add the fresh juice of two lemons.

Sweeten your brew with a few drops of pure extract of stevia according to your taste.
If, instead of the stevia extract, you have this plant in its dried form, add it to the end of the infusion.

This drink, which can fill about 8 glasses, should be drunk three times of day :

Fasting : 2 glasses

Throughout the day : 3 glasses

Throughout the afternoon : 3 glasses

You must drink outside of your meals, half an hour before eating, or an hour and a half after eating.
Don’t forget !

This cure lasts between two and four weeks, depending on the results that you get throughout the process.

During this time, you are not obliged to follow a strict diet, but make sure to eat only healthy foods, and avoid those that can harm your health, like for example :

Sugary foods

Refined flours

Fried foods and hydrogenated fats

The prepared foods

The charcuterie and cheeses are very fatty

Food stimulants : alcohol, roasted coffee, black tea or sodas.

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6 May

Detox and cleansing lemon

The cure of detoxification and cleansing lemon is an effective plan that helps to eliminate toxins and waste accumulated in the body, contributing to weight loss in the short term.
This cure has been known for half a century, but it became popular in recent years in the world.

The history of this detox
This detox the lemon has started to be adopted when Stanley Burroughs, the creator, has recommended it for the healing of stomach ulcers.

In the book entitled The Master Cleanser, Burroughs shares the experience he had when one of his patients tried for the first time this treatment after having suffered for three years with an ulcer in the stomach.

Eleven days after application of the cure, the lemon, the patient was completely cured, to the surprise of the doctors.

Since then, it has been recorded many similar cases, where the results can lead to 10 or 11 days after the start of treatment.

It should be noted that in the medical reports of people who have realized this cure, it has also been notified that they had managed to lose weight.
What is the detox lemon ?


The cure of detoxification and cleansing lemon is a programme of support to the organization through which it facilitates the elimination of accumulated toxins.

In fact, the body accumulates toxins as a result of a poor diet, pollution, mental attitudes, negative or a sedentary life-style, among others.
Thus, this cure must be considered as an aid, that is to say that it must be accompanied by a balanced diet, regular exercise, and stress reduction, which are factors that affect the intoxication of the body.

How to prepare a detox and cleansing lemon ?
To complete this detox and cleaning the lemon, it is very important to set goals.

Define what you want to achieve and identify all of the factors that influence the outcome is an important step to achieve the main goal that you set for yourself when you start this treatment.
Some people suggest to prepare in a first step the cure in lemon, following a vegetarian diet which helps to prepare the body, and it would be less stressful.

Precautions which must be taken into account

This detox the lemon must not be followed by people who have had organ transplants, or by those taking immunosuppressive drugs.

It should not be followed if the person required to submit to a surgical intervention. Read more on http://obattradisionaldiabetesmelitus.org/solusi-mengalahkan-diabetes/cara-mengatasi-penyakit-gula-darah-tinggi-terampuh/
Before you start this treatment, it is recommended to reduce its consumption of coffee, carbonated beverages, sugars, refined flours, and foods high in fat.

A lemonade for detoxification


This detox is a cleansing program which allows the person to purify his body, through the consumption of a lemonade special, prepared with the following ingredients :

Maple syrup organic pure

Cayenne pepper pure
Mineralized water

The cure is a plan for a minimum of 10 days.

How to prepare for it ?

Mix equal quantities of lemon and maple syrup organic. Book in a container of dark glass and put in the fridge.

Then, pour in 4 tablespoons of the mixture in a glass of water, add the Cayenne pepper and stir well until all the ingredients are well diluted.

The ideal is to drink 6 to 12 glasses of lemonade per day, at different hours of the day, and each time one feels hungry.

The maple syrup preserves the lemon juice and prevents oxidation of the vitamin C and enzymes.

In addition, it is necessary to take a laxative in the morning and another in the evening. To do this, mix three spoonfuls of sea salt with a liter of water and drink one glass the hours recommended.

How to make this detox lemon ?

This cure is a slow process that must be done with patience. On the first day, he need only take the lemonade in the lemon.

Then, after the fast, start to add orange juice in your diet. The next day, insert a vegetable soup and broths. On the third day, you can consume fruits and vegetables.

Then, gradually, add the meat, fish, milk, eggs, and other foods that help to rebalance the diet.

Once this cleaning is completed (about 10 or 11 days), the ideal is to start eating well, healthy way. This cure will allow you to change your eating habits and adopt a healthy diet.

6 May

Cure of baking soda and lemon

You may already have heard about the benefits of drinking a lemon juice with a little baking soda. Many articles have been written on this theme and on their virtues, which is why it is worth trying this mixture. We will explain you how to make a simple remedy that has great benefits for health

The benefits of a glass of lemon juice and baking soda


This combination has generated a lot of controversy and a lot of curiosity., because it is based on the idea that the consumption of lemon and bicarbonate may protect us from cancer. It is necessary to take this information with a grain of salt. There are a large number of foods labelled as “anti-carcinogenic” that are neither more nor less than of natural elements with antioxidant properties and alcalinisantes. But eating these foods does not mean that we will suffer for ever for this disease, and still less that they will cure cancer.

Don’t forget that the lemon and baking, just like other foods such as tomatoes, strawberries, peaches, or grapes, we provide vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that are beneficial in helping prevent certain diseases in a small percentage. They are not a cure or a solution direct and infallible, but rather a little more. Do we need to consume ? Of course, a good diet, which includes elements such as lemon and bicarbonate of soda, combined with a healthy lifestyle can help us, but can not avoid this type of disease are 100 %. Now that this is clear, let’s explore the wonderful properties that brings a glass of lemon juice mixed with a little baking soda

1. Alkalizer


The mixture of lemon and bicarbonate of soda has the property to alkalize the body, that is to say that it helps us, for example, to combat the acidosis that occurs when the kidneys do not eliminate enough acid from the body, or when the body produces too much acid. This mixture is an excellent remedy that can ease the work of kidneys and to maintain them in good health. In addition, it helps to cleanse the body and burn fat.

2. Digestive

Lemon oil

You already know the many virtues of the lemon to aid digestion. If we add a little bit of baking soda, we get a perfect blend to help the digestive system to function better. It is an excellent antacid, which, in addition, combat flatulence.

Another benefit is that of fighting the gastroesophageal reflux disease due to the hydrochloric acid that backs up into the esophagus from the stomach. The baking soda enables the transform, offering fast and effective relief. We will advise you.
3. Depurative


Start the day with this remedy is an excellent idea : it allows us to purify the liver, and provides us with the necessary dose of vitamin C, potassium, and antioxidants for the day. Do not forget that !

4. A good regulator


The remedy based on lemon and soda is a good regulator, yes, but what does that mean ? Drink water rich in bicarbonate of soda allows us to regulate the level of bad LDL cholesterol, thus improving our cardiovascular health.
How should I take this medicine ? For who is it not recommended ?

It is very simple. Simply use a glass of mineral water (never cold or hot, but warm or at room temperature), and add a teaspoon of baking soda, and the juice of half a lemon. Mix to get a drink homogeneous that you need to drink in the morning on an empty stomach.
It is very important never to drink this remedy with a full stomach, as this can be counter-productive. Drink-always in the morning and between meals for two consecutive weeks and then discontinue for two weeks. The excessive consumption of baking soda can cause alkalosis. It is, therefore, strongly recommended to take this remedy for two weeks, and then stop it for the other two. Don’t forget that it is better to avoid this remedy if you are suffering from gastritis.

People who suffer from high blood pressure or heart problems should also refrain because of its high soda content. Now, you know everything ! This remedy is just as simple as it is effective to facilitate the digestion as well as the many basic functions of our body. As to its famous properties to fight cancer, don’t give them too much credit. Is it good to eat ? Of course. Can it prevent the onset of tumors ? At the time of today, there is no study that confirms, therefore, its consumption is beneficial to our general health, but it is not a miracle cure !

6 May

Turmeric and honey bee : a remedy that has no price

Turmeric is a very popular spice in the world, including the yellow color does not go unnoticed, and that brings a very specific taste to the dishes.

Native to Asia, turmeric has become very famous among the foods beneficial to health, because in addition to providing a powerful anti-inflammatory, it is rich in antioxidants and other important nutrients that help prevent and fight against different diseases.

By tradition, this spice is used in the cuisine to give taste and colour to dishes.

Yet, since Antiquity, many cultures have attributed various medicinal uses for the purpose of cures and treatments to help relieve some of the pain and different health problems.

The turmeric in the honey bee is a cure that has spread with the passage of time and that is in the process of popularizing.

It is an association of very powerful, thanks to its concentration of nutrients, can strengthen the body to keep it in good health.

What is this remedy ?

Turmeric and honey bee are two natural ingredients that have always been used thanks to their anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and analgesic, which can help to control various types of pain and diseases that affect the organs of the body.

To better understand the benefits of this natural remedy, it is important to list the benefits of each of the two ingredients.

The benefits of turmeric

The active ingredient of turmeric, curcumin, is responsible for giving it its characteristic color, but especially its amazing health properties.

Curcumin has an anti-inflammatory and analgesic which can help to reduce different types of pain, in addition to suppress the release of inflammatory mediators.

Its compounds are antioxidants compared to vitamin C and E, which inhibit the action of free radicals that can cause chronic diseases such as cancer and premature aging.

In general, we use turmeric to :

Improve the symptoms of arthritis and muscular aches and pains.

Combat various pathogens such as the Sarcine, Gaffkya, Corynebacterium and Clostridium, and certain types of fungal infections.

Protect the brain.

Strengthen the immune system.

To tone and protect the liver.

Prevent and reduce the impact of different types of cancers.

The benefits of honey

The complement of this natural treatment is honey, an ingredient very popular throughout the world for its taste and its many health properties.

Honey has antiseptic, fortifying, soothing, laxative, diuretics, and bactericides, which have been studied for years in order to discover what were the benefits for the human body.

This ingredient is known as the best natural antibiotic, because it has been verified that it can destroy various types of micro-organisms.

But, beyond this, the honey can also be used for :

Relieve the symptoms of influenza and colds, such as stuffy nose and throat irritation.

Strengthen the body’s immune response to destroy the viruses and bacteria that are malignant.

Treat and prevent infections.

Accelerate the healing process of the skin.

Regulate the intestinal flora.

Improve digestive health and soothe the ulcers.

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How to prepare turmeric for the honey bee ?

How to-prepare-the-turmeric-and-honey-bee
The association of the turmeric and the honey bee is also known in natural medicine as the “golden honey”.

It is a natural remedy with a strong anti-inflammatory which improves the immune system and helps to treat different diseases.

It is ideal to reduce the symptoms of the flu, the common cold and the pain in the joints.


100 g of honey bee
1 spoonful of turmeric (15 g)


Put a spoonful of turmeric powder to 100 grams of honey bee 100% organic.

Mix the two ingredients until you get a homogeneous mixture, and pour the remedy into a glass container with a lid.

The recommended dose
To treat the symptoms of the flu and the common cold, it is advisable to take half a spoonful of this mixture every hour for the first day and then reduce the dose to half a spoonful every two hours.

You can dilute it in a glass of water if it does not taste very sweet.

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This remedy should be avoided if you suffer from a biliary disease, as turmeric may cause a contraction of the gall bladder.

For the treatment of respiratory diseases, it is recommended to take 3 tablespoons a day for a full week. Also click here  obat herbal alami untuk diabetes

6 May

How to grow sage, the plant women

Sage is one of the herbs best known to the world, thanks to its multiple virtues, which are highly appreciated since Antiquity.

The word “sage” comes from the latin and it is directly from the word ” health “.
This name was given to him through the benefits of exceptional that can provide this plant to our general well-being.

Sage is widely used by women, who find in it an ally to ideal health.

Its essential oil has been used for centuries to relieve menstrual pain.

It is also very relaxing. Taken in the form of an infusion, it acts as an agent restoring.

It should not be forgotten that the sage is also an excellent natural remedy for all the symptoms associated with menopause (insomnia, night sweats, nervousness, etc).

Having sage to the house can greatly help you to fight against all these evils. And if you cultivate it from you directly ?

You’ll love to watch grow, and then you prepare excellent herbal tea or a relaxing bath, which you relieve your body during your menstrual periods.

Take good note of all the tips that we are going to give you, to grow sage at home. It is very easy!

Tips for growing sage in you

The sage is considered by many people as the queen of aromatic plants. The Romans called it ” the grass is sacred “, because of its multiple benefits.

This perennial plant produces beautiful purple flowers and fits perfectly to all types of soil.

However, as she is of mediterranean origin, it grows best on soils that are a little dry and chalky.

But, the sage can also be planted in a pot. If you opt for pots very large and well stocked with land, you should not have problems to cultivate it.

We will explain everything to you in the rest of this article !
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What do you need to plant sage ?

Pick up pots fairly large with a depth between 30 and 40 centimeters.
The roots of the sage are very long, so you will need containers with a large capacity.

In garden centres or specialty stores, you can find seeds or cuttings of sage, ready to be planted.
The best option is without a doubt, the cuttings. The seeds require you to plant sage in a pot smaller to start with and then to move it to a bigger pot to ensure its proper development. The cuttings are therefore more practical.

Sage is a plant which has need of light and warmth, and who likes dry soils. It is therefore easier to grow in a terrace or on a balcony.

Choose a soil that contains a lot of nutrients, preferably clay. You can enrich it with organic and mineral substances.

The important thing is that your plant receives the light of the sun, in a dry atmosphere.

How to plant your seeds or your cuttings of sage ?

It is best to plant sage in spring. In this way, the growth and flowering of the plant will coincide with the summer period, which is the hottest part of the year.

Like we said before, if you opt for seeds, you’ll first need to plant in a small pot.

Once the cutting is out of the earth, you will need to transplant it into a pot that is wider, with a minimum depth of 30 cm.

Once all of these elements together, the first thing to do is to install a drainage system in the bottom of your pots.

You can put some gravel, so that water does not accumulate and that it can be evacuated easily.

Fill your pots with soil enriched with green manure. Choose one that contains potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus.

Plant the cutting, being careful that the roots are totally covered by the earth.

This is the most important part of the plant, which must penetrate to the bottom of the pot.

You will only need to water your plant sage once per week.

However, it is very important to well protect it from wind, and leave it in a place of your home that receives light directly from the sun.

So, you can put your pot on a window sill, on a balcony or on a terrace.

The expert in herbal medicine recommend the capture of the sage leaves before flowering of the plant.

You will need to place them in a cool and dry place, protected from light. Once the leaves are dry, store in a glass jar for use when you need it. Read more:  jual obat herbal diabetes terbaru

The benefits of herbal infusions and baths with sage

They help to relieve the gastritis.

They are excellent to regulate sweating (for example in case of night sweats due to menopause).

They improve the digestion.

Through the benefits of digestive and purifying sage, you can use its infusion in your weight-loss diet to lose belly.

They allow you to avoid the gas.

They take care of the gingivitis by the intermediary of a gargle.
They are the fever down.

The infusion of sage contains a lot of nutrients, such as vitamin B and vitamin C, for example.

They fortify the immune system.

They calm down the headache, and stomach, caused by the rules.

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When can you eat or use sage ?

Do not take sage if you suffer from kidney failure.

Pregnant women or in lactation period should not consume sage.

6 May

A spoonful of honey before bedtime will help you sleep better

We all go through periods where the fatigue and the physical exhaustion prevent us from be able to find a deep and restful sleep.

In this case, a tip as simple as a spoonful of honey can make miracles. Did you know ?

It is obvious that if you have chronic insomnia, it is always best to consult a physician to make a diagnosis and see if a more severe treatment would not be more suitable.

If your case is not too serious, and you notice that the stress and anxiety that prevent you from sometimes having a sleep hygiene, optimal, don’t hesitate to take a spoonful of honey every night before you go to bed !

In this article, we will explain to you the reasons why this food is so beneficial.

The reasons why a spoonful of honey will help you sleep better

If you take a spoonful of honey (25 grams) before you go to bed each night, you might think it is too sweet !

Often, when we eat something sweet just before going to sleep, we end up having stomach pain and thus sleep poorly, but the honey does not produce these effects.

To produce the desired effects, you must take into account the following elements :

The honey must be organic, bought directly from the beekeeper.

A lot of the honey that you buy in the supermarket are processed and transformed, so that they lose a lot of their properties original.

It is necessary to take this remedy every night. When your body gets used to this daily dose of pure honey, organic and healthy, you will notice the effects.

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A spoonful of honey promotes the proper functioning of the liver

The honey turns into energy in our body, and this is a fair and appropriate vitamins, minerals and glucose, elements that strengthen the health of the liver.

The honey brings the glycogen, which the liver needs to carry out its functions of detoxification night.

It should not be forgotten that it is precisely at night that the liver and the lymphatic system carry out their functions of cleansing of the toxins, to get a good balance of the body during the day.

When we go to sleep, the liver has already consumed a large part of the glycogen, and if we make this dose of honey before going to bed, it will be able to perform its tasks optimally, and this will impact on sleep.

A spoonful of honey helps our brain to release melatonin

To have a deep and restful sleep, some people resort to the purchase of capsules of melatonin at the pharmacy.

In reality, a spoonful of honey before going to bed can help us to facilitate the release of melatonin in a natural way.


People who suffer from insomnia or who are experiencing episodes of anxiety due to the stop of the cigarette, for example, use of melatonin. In this case, the honey can be very useful.

In addition, honey increases the levels of insulin in the blood and stimulates the release of tryptophan in the brain.
The tryptophan is converted into serotonin which, in turn, converts to melatonin. The latter inhibits the release of insulin and helps us, therefore, to further stabilize the levels of sugar in the blood during the night. It is a process that is very interesting.

Melatonin is also known under the name of ” the hormone of well-being “. It helps us to improve the immunity and facilitate the rebuilding of tissues when we sleep. As well, a spoonful of honey every night can help you boost sondéveloppement.

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Replace the sugar with honey in your diet and your rest will thank you for it

You will quickly notice the effects. As we have explained at the beginning, a spoonful of honey just before sleep, can help to combat the insomnia point, generated by the stress or the anxiety.

Now, if in addition to that you’re accustomed to sweeten your coffee with honey, or even drink a glass of water with honey in the morning on an empty stomach, the benefits to your health will be all the more remarkable.

Take note :

The honey is a natural antibiotic.

It regulates the levels of sugar in the blood.

It increases our immune defenses.

It fight against metabolic stress, where its effectiveness during episodes of stress or physical exhaustion.

It helps us to fight against the constipation.

It supports our brain health.

It helps us to prevent osteoporosis.

This minimizes the effects of allergies.

It is a good treatment against acne.

It stimulates the immune system.

It stimulates the production of omega-6 fatty acids, which regulate our hormonal processes.

It is very effective to treat dry skin and chapped lips. Have you already tried ?

6 May

A spoonful of turmeric every day to improve the health

Some foods have medicinal properties so beneficial that it is excellent to consume every day to improve our quality of life.

In this article, we’ll explain why turmeric is one of these foods is essential and we will give you a few ideas to that you may include in your recipes and eat almost without you realizing it.

The curcuma longa

Turmeric (curcuma longa) comes from India, a country where it is consumed since Antiquity.
Most of the dishes contain this spice, not only for its taste and beautiful yellow color, but also for its many medicinal properties.

For example, the curry contains turmeric, among its ingredients.

Why every day ?

In this article, we will enumerate all the benefits of this food is miraculous, for its daily consumption :
Anti-inflammatory : curcumin that it contains reduces inflammation and calms the discomfort and pain caused by illnesses like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue or rheumatism, and inflammations of the respiratory tract and urinary tract.

Anti-cancer : turmeric may help us to prevent cancer, thanks to some of its components that prevent the growth of the tumor.

In addition, it reduces the side effects in case of treatment against the cancer.

Antioxidant : It reduces the effects of free radicals in our body, thanks to its excellent antioxidant properties.

Digestive: helps the digestive process, calm the acidity and prevent ulcers and gastritis.
Hepato-protective : It protects the function of the liver and gallbladder and prevents the calculations, cirrhosis, and jaundice.

Inmunoprotecteur: fights infections and increases the immune defences in a natural way. It is very effective when the first symptoms of colds, flu, etc

Antidepressants : turmeric has mild antidepressant effects.

Anti-allergic : It prevents and reduces the symptoms of allergies, thanks to its properties to block the immunoglobulin E.

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The turmeric rice, pine nuts and bread with raisins
Turmeric is an excellent ingredient for our dishes of rice, because it brings a touch of flavor similar to that of saffron.

We offer you to cook in an oriental style, with a different spice (cinnamon, cardamom, ginger) and combine it with nuts, bread and raisins.

This rice is also excellent with chicken or sautéed vegetables and mushrooms.

The broth purifying

When we feel fragile and tired, we can prepare a broth, purifying and revitalizing, with the following ingredients :


Olive oil
Sea salt or sea water

We advise you to drink this broth before meals.

the cold tea with turmeric and honey

Given that turmeric is a digestive soothing, a good option is to consume it as a tea after meals, if one suffers from heaviness or acidity.

You can combine it with a bit of anise, chamomile, or passionflower, and sweeten it with a spoonful of bee honey.

One can also consume this drink cold, throughout the day, during the hottest days.

As well, it would help us to prevent the bloating and water retention.
A drink spicy for the cold days
This delicious shake gives comfort during the coldest days.

Simply choose a vegetable drink (oats, rice, spelt, almond, etc) and boil for 15 minutes with the following ingredients, according to taste :



Bark organic orange
Grated coconut
After bringing to a boil, let rest for 10 minutes.

Before drinking this drink, sweeten it with honey, sugar cane or sugar full.

The smoothie with banana, turmeric and cocoa

This smoothie is the perfect option for children and people who have difficulty to consume turmeric, as its taste and its color go unnoticed.

Mix the following ingredients :

A very ripe banana


The pure cocoa
Milk, vegetable drink or apple juice

You can sweeten it if you wish, but the banana provides generally smooth enough for the smoothie.

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During pregnancy, it is not advisable to consume turmeric without supervision, because it can cause a stimulation of the uterus and activate the menstrual flow.

Turmeric is not advisable in people who are already suffering from gastric ulcers or obstruction of the biliary tract.

We recommend that you consult a physician or a therapist before you follow a natural treatment based on turmeric, especially if you are taking medication or you are suffering from a particular disease. Read more on http://obattradisionaldiabetesmelitus.org/terapi-pengobatan-diabetes/adakah-obat-penyembuh-diabetes-sampai-tuntas/

6 May

Tanah Lot Temple

Tanah Lot in Bali a tourist attraction that offers natural beauty at sunset. The uniqueness of Pura Tanah Lot is the place that is located in the middle of the sea about 300 meters from the beach, there is also a rock in the middle there is a large cave.

On the north Pura Tanah Lot there is order joger online a temple situated atop a cliff jutting into the sea. This cliff temple connect with the land and shaped like a curved bridge. Here there are two temples are situated on a large rock. One is located on top of the boulder and the other is located above the cliffs similar to Uluwatu Temple. Pura Tanah Lot temple is part of Dang Goda and the sea temple shrine guardian deity of the sea.
Below and to the west there is a source of fresh water which is sacred to Hindus water. When down to the beach between Pura Tanah Lot at the cliff, then during a given month will witness the sunset where the sun red ball will be right in the pit of the cliff, like the tired eyes looking at the world. Unfortunately, this view can only be seen at certain months ie at sunset leaning to the north.
Tanah Lot some hallway cliffs around Tanah Lot Temple there are snakes striped tame and trusted by the local community as temple guards. Around the temple there are also fresh water springs and can be seen when low tide. The existence of a spring that is the one of the considerations when this place was chosen as the location of the temple.
The word Tanah Lot consists of the word “Land” which is defined as a rock, “Lot” or “Lod” means sea. So Tanah Lot meant that land in the middle of the sea. Pura Tanah Lot was founded in the 15th century by Rauh (priest) Hindu named Bawu Rawuh or Nirartha derived from the Majapahit Kingdom. Danhyang Niratha on his way to spread the Hindu religion of the land of Java in the 16th century. Before giving instructions to set up a temple in this place, he felt the vibrations of purity and perfection of spiritual gain.
According to legend Nirartha which adheres to Hinduism managed to strengthen the local community’s confidence about the teachings of Hinduism. A leader in the holy place was named Bendesa Beraban feel unrivaled as many followers become followers Danghyang Nirarta. Then Bendesa told Nirartha left Tanah Lot. He Land Lot undertakes but before leaving Tanah Lot with all his might he move Chunks of stone to the middle of the beach and built temples there. She also changed her shawl into a snake temple guards. These snakes are still there today and this snake, including the type of sea snakes that have a characteristic flat tail like a fish, striped black color is yellow. Bendesa Beraban was amazed and then become a follower Nirartha.
As a tourist attraction, Tanah Lot has been managed professionally equipped with parking facilities, restrooms, art shop, restaurant, hotel, open stage, tourist information center, and facilities security and safety. By paying the admission that all visitors have been covered by accident insurance. Similarly, the parking service, every vehicle that enters the area of land lots with direct pay parking fees have been covered by insurance.